Module Fmlib_browser.Value

Javascript Values

Javascript values are necessary to comunicate with the javascript world. In order to send a message to the surrounding javascript (see Task.send_to_javascript) a javascript value is needed. The following functions can be used to construct arbitrary javascript values (no functions, just data).

E.g. if you want to construct the javascript object

        {first_name: "John", last_name: "Doe", age: 45}

you just write

      "first_name", string "John"
    ; "last_name", string "Doe"
    ; "age", int 45
type t
val null : t

The javascript value null

val string : string -> t

string str The javascript string str

val int : int -> t

int 5 The javascript number 5.

val bool : bool -> t

bool true The javascript value true.

val float : float -> t

float 5 The javascript number 5.

val record : (string * t) array -> t

record [| "a", int 5; "b", string "hello"|] is the javascript value {a: 5, b: 'hello'}|.

val array : t array -> t

array [|int 5; string "hello"; bool true|] is the javascript array [5, "hello", true].